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Let's get this thing started. In my line of work, I find myself using both portable and public bathrooms quite a bit. There is often some really great artwork on the walls. Just as often there are things that are horribly offensive. Even more often, you'll find childish bathroom humor. Let me just say that I am here to chronicle what I find. I in no way condone or encourage defacing public property or the racist and/or hateful words and imagery captured in some of the images to follow. With that said, Let's get on with it.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Neighboring Port-o-let

These are from the port-o-let next to the one that yielded all that goodness from the previous post. Not nearly as good, but there are some treats here. I also went into the third john in the row. It was a blank canvass.

Much like the previous post, most of these scribblings have letters added. Makes them kind of hard to read but I think it makes them funnier than their original forms.
"hockey puck office bass whole" = "fuck off as hole" I guess.

"pussy goes here" was clearly the original scrawl here. That arrow is pointing to the urinal. I think I agree with the Sharpie commentators.

I like this re-imagining of the old "here I sit, broken hearted..." classic.

Awesome little toilet unicorn.

Boy I'd love to have been able to read this one before it was defaced. Those stick figures sure look like they are having a good time.

And lastly, we have another submission from Wombatunderground1. Another nice find. Speaks for itself I think.

Thanks Tim. Keep 'em coming. If anyone else out there is reading this, You start sending in your submissions. Also feel free to leave comments or send emails. I'd like to know if anyone is checking this blog out or not. Thanks.


  1. No worries, Mr John. It's always gratifying to find some new piece of bathroom expressionism. I just hope you find some other folks to contribute hereabouts.

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