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Let's get this thing started. In my line of work, I find myself using both portable and public bathrooms quite a bit. There is often some really great artwork on the walls. Just as often there are things that are horribly offensive. Even more often, you'll find childish bathroom humor. Let me just say that I am here to chronicle what I find. I in no way condone or encourage defacing public property or the racist and/or hateful words and imagery captured in some of the images to follow. With that said, Let's get on with it.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

A few from Savannah GA.

Saw plenty of graffiti on the bathroom walls while visiting Savannah, GA. Most of it was pretty standard stuff. This was the first one I saw. Scrawling Go Gators on the wall in Georgia is pretty ballsy. Being that UF is my alma mater, I was very happy to see that someone had the nerve.

This one is from the ladies room at a bar. Something about that word just seems more men's room to me. I don't hear too many girls saying; "I gotta go take a squirt".

Last but not least, "dont fear the creeper". If it weren't for that poorly executed "P", I never would have even noticed that the creeper was not the original subject of this fine piece of work. I won't give it away. I'm sure you can figure it out.
That's it from Savannah. Back to my usual port-a-potties tomorrow.

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